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Infityle Airsoft Gun

The infityle airsoft masks are the perfect way to adjust and adjust your mask fit while playing airsoft. These masks are made with adjustable half metal steel mesh face mask that makes it easy to adjust to a variety of faces. The uv400 gg guncerity protection against uv400 sun is also included in the mask set.

Top 10 Infityle Airsoft Gun Sale

These gloves are perfect for airsoft guns. They have two pockets on the sides for gun, ammo, and gloves. The black is a great color for airsoft guns and the skull mask is inspired by the design of a human's head.
the infityle airsoft gun is a high quality airsoft gun that is perfect for training and hunting in airsoft or paintball environments. This mask is adjustable to fit most accurately, and it comes with an uv400 goggles set for hunting and paintball shooting. It is adjustable to fit any user style, and is made of high-quality steel mesh face mask material. With an adjustable uv400 sunglasses perfect for reading, this bag of chips is a must-have for any airsoft or paintball player.